How to delete Skype conversations in new ipad!

Hello guys, here is a short tutorial explaining how to delete your history in skype  for IPAD.

First of all if you want to delete the most recent conversation you need to move it to history to move it to history you need to follow step 1 to step 2

!Keep the Ipad in LandScape mode before proceding with the following steps

step1: press the edit button pointed below



once the edit button is enabled you will see a red circled hifen(-) enabled  once u press that a close button pops up  which once you press on this close the conversation is moved to the history


–Steps to delete the convesation from History

step 3.)First press on history icon


Step 4) once you have entered in the history

select edit from the top right corner.Once u press on edit a red circled hi-fen(-) will appear once u press on the red circled hi-fen u will see the delete option as shown below.


once you press on the delete icon your conversation is deleted forever !


About shashankmalisetty

Typical software engineer(01) enthusiastic about new gadgets and business what not everything ;)


  1. Kenneth Percival

    Thanks a lot, problem has been bugging me for ages. Skype help useless.

  2. Kim

    This is the only decent solution I have found, Have had so many on google but none worked. Thank you Shashank. am slo grateful

  3. Kissinger

    Very helpful. Appreciated.

  4. Carol baker

    Really easy when you know how thank you.

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